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New highrises

Releasing Oct. 5 at noon EST on OpenSea: Five historic landmark skyscrapers from Los Angeles! New sets of digital collectibles are released every two weeks.
Coming next: Chicago.

The Northeast Collage

This colorful poster features a collage of historic highrises in 18 cities across the Northeastern United States. Decorate your space with 100-year-old landmarks from Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Newark, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and more!

Explore all highrises

Flip through the collection of more than 50 historic American skyscrapers and learn how each one came to be. Sort by architectural style, city, decade, and more to find your favorites!

building 0
Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia, PA
building 1
1616 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
building 2
Architects Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 3
Lincoln-Liberty Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 4
The Drake
Philadelphia, PA
building 5
Elverson Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 6
Girard Trust Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 7
1500 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
building 8
Lewis Tower
Philadelphia, PA
building 9
Equitable Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 10
PSFS Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 11
Crozer Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 12
Liberty Trust Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 13
Beury Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 14
Edison Building
Philadelphia, PA
building 15
Cathedral of Learning
Pittsburgh, PA
building 16
Koppers Building
Pittsburgh, PA
building 17
Keenan Building
Pittsburgh, PA
building 18
Emerson Tower
Baltimore, MD
building 19
Baltimore Trust Building
Baltimore, MD
building 20
Genesee Valley Trust Building
Rochester, NY
building 21
Buffalo City Hall
Buffalo, NY
building 22
Rand Building
Buffalo, NY
building 23
Liberty Building
Buffalo, NY
building 24
Central Terminal
Buffalo, NY
building 25
General Electric Building
Buffalo, NY
building 26
State Tower Building
Syracuse, NY
building 27
Hills Building
Syracuse, NY
building 28
Syracuse Savings Bank
Syracuse, NY
building 29
State Office Building
Albany, NY
building 30
City Savings Bank Building
Albany, NY
building 31
Home Savings Bank Building
Albany, NY
building 32
Delaware & Hudson Building
Albany, NY
building 33
Telephone Building
Albany, NY
building 34
United Office Building
Niagara Falls, NY
building 35
American Insurance Building
Newark, NJ
building 36
Newark & Essex Building
Newark, NJ
building 50
Lefcourt-Newark Building
Newark, NJ
building 38
Military Park Building
Newark, NJ
building 39
Camden City Hall
Camden, NJ
building 40
Harrisburger Hotel
Harrisburg, PA
building 41
Berks County Courthouse
Reading, PA
building 42
Pennsylvania Power & Light Building
Allentown, PA
building 43
Board of Trade Building
Scranton, PA
building 44
Industrial Trust Building
Providence, RI
building 45
Travelers Tower
Hartford, CT
building 46
Springfield Campanile
Springfield, MA
building 47
Custom House
Boston, MA
building 48
Tower Building
Boston, MA
building 49
Brazer Building
Boston, MA
building 37
Eastern Columbia Building
Los Angeles, CA
building 51
E. Clem Wilson Building
Los Angeles, CA
building 52
Rosslyn Hotel Annex
Los Angeles, CA
building 53
Hollywood First National Building
Los Angeles, CA
building 54
Wilshire Professional Building
Los Angeles, CA
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